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Angela Gordon

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Queen Creek is home to the most incredible horseback riding and trails.  With the San Tan Valley Mountains as your backdrop, the views along these trails are nothing short of incredible.  


Let’s start with the hiking and walking trails.  You will find trails alongside the Queen Creek and Sonoqui washes.  The agriculture and heritage runs deep in the veins of the town, be sure to stop and soak up the history as you make your way through the trails.  These trails are home to over 130 bird species.  


Before you head out to these trails be sure to lather on the sunscreen and bring more water than you think you will ever need. Be sure to read through the trail rules and etiquette to help make the experience a positive one for all.

Trail Rules and Etiquette

  • Wheels yield to heels!
  • Bikers yield to walkers/runners and horses
  • Walkers/runners yield to horses
  • Stay to the right on paths
  • Pass on the left
  • Do not disturb wildlife
  • Do not litter
  • Clean up after your animals
  • Keep pets on a leash
  • No motors on the trail (ATVs, golf carts, electric scooters)


Queen Creek Wash Trail

Find parking for this wash at Desert Mountain Park.  This trail will have you winding in and out of town all while keeping you close to the Queen Creek wash.  You will experience farmland, desert views and residential communities.  Athletic fields, playgrounds and picnic areas can be found at the Southeastern end of the trail. Round trip this trail will have you covering about 4.7 miles.


Sonoqui Wash Trail

This trail starts at the Horseshoe Park and Equestrian Center.  Over 5.8 miles will be covered during this walk, starting at Riggs and taking you alongside the wash.  The desert landscape will bring you back to Arizona’s beauty.  This trail is open to pedestrians and equestrians alike.

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